The state of Bahia is situated half way up the coast of Brazil and is renowned for having some of the best and most fashionable beach destinations in the country. The state capital of Salvador is steeped in colonial history, in particular the Pelourinho, which was the centre of the slave trade and it’s due to this history that has created a city today full of West African cultures, religions and traditions.  

Salvador is one of our favourite cities in Brazil because of this diversity. A wander through the historic Pelourinho is a must on any visit, taking in the many churches and art shops that are housed in the pastel coloured buildings which adorn the cobbled streets. As you wander through the city you will be bound to encounter drumming and music, often in preparation for carnival, while capoeira is practiced in the streets and black women in their big white dresses sell freshly fried Acarajé, a famous prawn street snack and pose for tourist photos. The city has a raucous carnival, very different to Rio de Janeiro’s, which is a lot of fun. If you are keen on trekking then a 60 minute flight can take you to the small former historic mining town of Lençois which is located in the heart of the Chapada Diamantina National Park. The park is one of the most beautiful in Brazil with some exceptional day treks plus the chance of multi-day hikes around the park. The park is also home to the highest waterfall in Brazil plus some fabulous caves.

Apart from a couple of nights in Salvador, most visitors to Bahia come for the beaches of which there are many superb options. To the immediate north of Salvador you will find Praia do Forte, a popular weekend getaway for Salvadoreans, and famous for its fort and turtle conversation centre. There are some big resorts including Brazil’s first eco-resort, the Tivoli. A boat trip from Salvador will take you to Tinharé Island where you can find the areas of Morro de Sao Paulo and Boipeba. These are very popular with backpackers but have some good hotel options too. Just be wary of the often-rough sea crossing! South of Salvador is where the better beach properties tend to be found. A drive or light aircraft flight will take you down to the Marau Peninsula. This is a relatively isolated strip of land with deserted beaches with a fabulous resort hotel plus a number of excellent small pousadas. Heading south of Marau will bring you to Itacaré , a popular area for surfers, served by Ilheus airport and home to the excellent Txai Resort. Further south of Itacaré you will encounter Porto Seguro which is the airport servicing many of Brazil’s best beach hotels. To the south of Porto Seguro, a 70-minute drive will bring you to Trancoso, perhaps the coolest beach town in Brazil and hugely popular with celebrities.


Our favourite luxury hotels

Casa Amarelindo - Luxury holidays to Salvador, Brazil

Casa do Amarelindo

This small boutique hotel is housed in a beautifully restored 19th century town house in the heart of historic Pelourinho, which overlooks the spectacular All Saint’s Bay. Casa do Amarelindo benefits from easy access to the heart of Salvador, famous for its pastel coloured buildings, winding cobbled streets and baroque churches.

Hotel Villa Bahia - Luxury holidays to Salvador, Brazil

Villa Bahia

Situated in the colonial heart of Salvador, amongst the jubilant façades of the Pelourinho, Villa Bahia occupies two adjoining colonial-era homes, the classic architecture evoking the grandeur of a bygone age. Nestled deep in the historic centre of the city, Villa Bahia is just 5km from Porto da Barra beach.

Zank Boutique Hotel - Luxury holidays to Salvador, Brazil

Zank Boutique Hotel 

This stylish and eclectic hotel, situated in the historic Rio Vermelho neighbourhood of Salvador, is based on Judith Pottecher’s innovative design concept, fusing the classic and the modern in an effort to create an intimate atmosphere that immerses guests in the legendary Brazilian joie de vivre. Well-located, elegant and boasting excellent facilities – Zank is a wonderful base from which to explore the booming city of Salvador.

Hotel Fera Palace - Luxury holidays to Salvador, Brazil

Fera Palace Hotel

A mainstay of Salvador’s luxury hotel scene since its opening in 1934, the Fera Palace Hotel has played host to many a famous face over the years, welcoming the likes of Orson Welles, Pablo Neruda and Carmen Miranda through the doors of its illustrious restored art-deco façade.

Hotel Fasano, Salvador, Brazil

Fasano Salvador

The brand new Fasano brings a luxury concept to the exciting city of Salvador like no other hotel in the region. With a privileged location in Castro Alves Square, the historical centre of Salvador, and a stunning view over the Bay of All Saints the Fasano will appeal to all guests.

UXUA Casa - Luxury holidays to Trancoso, Brazil

UXUA Casa 

For those seeking excellent service, 5-star luxury and bundles of Bahian character, you can do no better than Uxua Casa. This boutique hotel offering a stunning collection of 1-3-bedroom bohemian, ‘shabby chic’ cottages scattered around Trancoso’s UNESCO protected Quadrado, is a 1-minute walk from São João Batista church and an 8-minute walk from some of the most picturesque beaches in Brazil.

Villas de Trancoso - Luxury holidays to Trancoso, Brazil

Villas de Trancoso 

This stunning beach hotel, a coastal paradise surrounded by forest and carefully curated tropical gardens, provides the perfect beach getaway for those seeking to unwind by the sea. Villas de Trancoso offers a selection of romantic and secluded suites and individual villas, where guests can relax in a private and luxurious environment a stone’s throw away from the charming, historic village of Trancoso.

Etnia Pousada and Boutique - Luxury holidays to Trancoso, Brazil

Etnia Pousada and Boutique

At the end of a leafy track, set back from the town centre and situated 1.3km from the paradisaical beaches of Trancoso, this colonial-chic hotel offers 8 exquisitely decorated bungalows and 4 stunning private villas, shrouded by lush tropical forest.

Pousada Tutabel - Luxury hotel in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

Pousada Tutabel

This chic boutique hotel, perched on the Atlantic coast of southern Bahia, is surrounded by lush tropical forest amidst a protected natural reserve. Close to the laid-back beachy paradise of Trancoso, this intimate pousada offers the same stylish bohemian vibes as the historic town.

Hotel Vila Naia - Luxury Holidays to Bahia, Brazil

Vila Naiá

Situated near the quaint, traditional fishing village of Corumbau, meaning ‘away from all concerns’ in the language of the region’s native Pataxó Indians – Vila Naiá is nestled away on a secluded beach in amongst the Monte Pascoal National Park’s 50,000 sqm of unspoiled, protected land and offers its guests what have been described as the ‘modern’ luxuries: peace, silence and plenty of time for self-care.

Fazenda Sao Francisco do Corumbau - Luxury Holidays to Bahia, Brazil

Fazenda São Francisco

Hidden away in palm groves between the white sand beaches of Corumbau and the lush vegetation of the Monte Pascoal National Park, this upscale eco-lodge offers its guests their own little slice of paradise. Guests can relax amongst the spectacular natural spectacles of Corumbau including 15km of pristine coastline, colourful coral reefs and the tropical forests of the Pataxó reserve across the Corumbau River.

Txai Resort - Luxury Beach Resort in Bahia, Brazil

Txai Resort 

This chic beach resort is set on a coconut and cacao farm, surrounded by 100 hectares of lush tropical forest, 18km from the idyllic fishing town of Itacaré on the white sand of Itacarezinho beach. Txai places exclusivity, sustainability and wellness at the centre of its conceptual design.

Butterfly House Bahia - Luxury beach holidays in Bahia, Brazil

Butterfly House Bahia 

Butterfly House Bahia is a charming Eco-Boutique on the Maraú Peninsula in Bahia, 250km south from the state capital of Salvador. With locally-inspired architecture that melts into the surrounding forest, this charming hotel combines rustic chic style with Brazilian simplicity.

Tivoli Ecoresort - Luxury holidays to Praia do Forte, Brazil

Tivoli Eco-Resort 

A selection of spacious room are located amongst 30,000 hectares of vibrant Atlantic forest, combining lush tropical vegetation with 12km of pristine golden beachfront. Offering guests the choice of 7 outdoor pools, including a stunning ocean-view infinity pool, the resort excels at giving guests an enormous variety of leisure options.

Hotel Campo Bahia - luxury holidays to Bahia Brazil

Hotel Campo Bahia

Hotel Campo Bahia is an exquisite luxury getaway on the peaceful Bahian coastline offering 14 decadent 4-6-bedroom villas alongside wonderful facilities, attentive service, and excellent, fresh and innovative cuisine. This chic Bahian paradise is 13km from the famous Mutá beach and a mere 11-minute walk from the sleepy fishing village of Santo André.