Flourishing on the gastronomy scene and a festival hotspot, Bogota is a captivating city.

At 2600m above sea level, Bogota is the fourth highest capital city in the world, beautifully situated in the heart of the Andes mountains. Take a stroll along the delightful cobbled streets of La Candelaria and admire the colonial buildings, some of which date back to the sixteenth century. In this maze of striking architecture you will find a vast network of restaurants that reflect Colombia’s diverse culture, the capital city is fast becoming a world leader in culinary delights. Throughout the year Bogota hosts vibrant festivals, many of which focus on the arts, and these passionate displays of music and colour are an unforgettable experience. An essential experience in Bogota is a visit to the enormous ‘Museo del Oro’, which houses the world’s most significant collection of pre-Hispanic gold. All of the pieces – from tiny earrings and golden beads to huge spears and masks – are laid out in stunning displays which allow locals and tourists alike to appreciate the intricacy and splendor of these miraculous items. Once you have finished admiring this impressive collection, take a stroll across the road from the museum and you will find a selection of market stalls selling good quality replicas of the pieces crafted into jewellery which are great for souvenirs or presents. Another must-do is taking a trip on the cable car leading up to Monserrate where excellent views of the city await. This up-and-coming capital is no disappointment either when it comes to finding good places to stay, there are plenty of luxury hotel options in the city, which is the perfect base to begin a holiday in Colombia.


Our favourite luxury hotels

W Bogota Columbia

The W Hotel

Super stylish and with outstanding attention to detail, the W Hotel in Bogota is an exceptional place to stay. Contemporary and modern, arty and glamourous, this hotel boasts some of the most fabulous interior design in all of Colombia.

Four Seasons Bogota Colombia

Four Seasons Bogota

The Four Seasons is a luxury 5-star hotel in Bogota’s bustling Zona T. Offering everything you would expect from the Four Seasons name, this is a brand new hotel.

Sofitel Victoria Regia Bogota Colombia

Sofitel Victoria Regia

A delicate mix of contemporary and classic design, this 5-star hotel offers guests an exceptional stay in the heart of Bogota.

Orchids Bogota Colombia

The Orchids

The Orchids is a unique and luxury hotel situated in the heart of the Candelaria in Bogota’s historic old town. Named after the national flower of Colombia this is an exotic and fascinating hotel.

four seasons casa medina bogota colombia

Four Seasons Casa Medina

The Four Seasons Casa Medina is a luxury 5-star hotel in the Casa Medina area of Bogota. Long established as one of the best hotels in Bogota, it is easy to see why.

B.O.G. Hotel

B.O.G. Hotel is a luxury design hotel located in an exclusive area of Bogota. The only Colombian hotel to be part of the Design Hotels group, this is a real gem.

Hotel Casa Terra, Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Hotel Casa Terra (Villa de Leyva)

Situated in the heart of colonial Villa de Leyva in Colombia, a four hour drive from the capital city Bogota, this pretty hotel reflects the charm and ambiance of the surrounding town and countryside.